“Dr. Ramírez is very personalized. He is very kind with the children. He is quite charming with kids and we feel very comfortable with him. The nurses are very nice and so attentive. Kids love going to the clinic, for them is like going to the carnival! The doctor gives them coins so they can get balls to play. We feel very fortunate to count with the experience of Dr. Ramírez.”
-Magaly (Mother of Eugenia and Emilio)

The doctor is very attentive and has my full trust. He takes time to explain everything to me and I can leave the office knowing that I am in good hands.”
-Lorena (Mother of Loretta)

As soon as Dr. Ramírez comes into his office, my kid gets so excited as if he was in the presence of a family member.I could not ask for more.Dr. Ramírez is so professional and committed and is always available for his patients.”
-Patricia (Mother of Patricio)

“One day in my office an 8 year old looked at me with a smile full of joy. I asked him the reason for his happiness and his response was “I love you”. That was the most memorable moment of my career. As a pediatrician there is no biggest satisfaction, no greatest reward than that of a young boy telling such kind words. I love medicine. It is truly my passion and delight as a pediatrician to play a significant part in children’s lives from childhood thru adolescence. Those formative years are of vital importance and for me to be a part of them is quite a treat!”
Dr. Javier Ramírez -Lavin M.D.